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GG David Johnston
I'm in Kitchener-Waterloo for a round table with UNICEF Canada and to launch the Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation's new grants program. http://bit.ly/1x0Wasu ______________________________ Je suis à Kitchener-Waterloo pour la table ronde d'UNICEF Canada et pour lancer le programme de subventions du Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation. http://bit.ly/1tVq2Uz

Matt Myers
Those dick admins on PBN can "suck it". I've been on that freaking site for almost 10 years now and now they give me shit about selling a z2 hopper I never used in a game. I have put paint through in the yard and it's been in my bag for well over a month. The admin/mod says "read the rules". What a dick! I been on their site longer than he has. I have physically repaired guns for people on that...

Anamika Shukla
UNICEF brandambassdor??

Zorah Anthony
Ditto my impressions. Thanks Andrew for capturing succinctly...

Andrew Keili

PONDER MY THOUGHTS BY Andrew Keili WE SURVIVED THE “LOCKDOWN”! The oft discussed issue had now become the inevitable. At last Sierra Leone was going to be “Locked down” for three days because of the Ebola crisis. Many people had painted an apocalyptic view of the situation. There was however genuine concern amongst many who live from day to day about how they could survive. Many who...

Pasqualina Lina Di Prisco
Dinanzi a certe testimonianze è VIETATO SEVERAMENTE LAMENTARSIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Foto del diario
La scuola è ricominciata anche per Ferdinand, 12 anni, che vive in Burundi. Lui però non rientra dopo pochi mesi di vacanze, ma da tre anni di assenza forzata. "Quando mio padre è morto, mamma si è ammalata e io ho dovuto lavorare per portare a casa qualche soldo. Ora sono felice di essere tornato a scuola, e poi qui mi danno anche i quaderni!" Ferdinand sa che dovrà impegnarsi molto per...

Shyam Mulkalwar

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Join us for Twitter Chat with Urmila Sarkar, Chief of Education, UNICEF India on Wednesday, Sept 24, 5 pm about the @UN Sec General's Global Education First Initiative #GEFI #Education4All The #Education4All campaign seeks to bring focus to the key elements of GEFI through close engagement with educators, policy makers, civil society, and the youth. In the run up to setting of the...

Paola Lancioni
NEW STEP chiuderà l'evento NOW WE MOVE, il 4 con il fantastico gruppo della Capoeira Aboliçao Italia e il 5 con DREAM LAND !!!!! <3 Non mancate

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Ecco il programma ufficiale dell'evento Sport&Life che si terrà il 4 e 5 ottobre a Pescara all'interno della campagna europea Now We Move. #ComunediPescara// #Unicef// #Uisp// #Pubblievents — con Paola Lancioni e altre 49 persone.

Catherine Luanda

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"I really enjoying teaching. But if I had a wish list, I would ask for better learning material and classrooms, improved toilets for teachers and students, housing for teachers,and also more science teachers." Mr. Edmond teaches science and math to grade 7 students at Lole Primary School in Njombe District. Photo credits: UNICEF Tanzania/Namfua

Champs Libres

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Over 50,000 children are at risk of death from malnutrition in #SouthSudan if nothing is done. In this photo: Samuel Yai feeds his 3-years-old daughter Nyambir Yai therapeutic milk with a syringe through a feeding tube as she sits on the lap of his wife Akur Mayuat at Al Sabbah Paediatric Hospital in Juba. The family came from Atar in Jonglei State to Malakal in Upper Nile State to seek...

Pennsylvania Telangana Associatio
Venkat Madipadaga Satya Peddireddy Hari Bandigari Narender Reddy Akula Mallik Budhavarapu Ravi Potluri Sreedhar Gudala Sridhar Banala Sreedhar Reddy Raghu Vadla Venu Telangana Venugopal Sankeneni Raju Kakkerla Bhanu Moligi Babu Bayyana Parmesh Bheemreddy Usha Lavanya DallasArea TelanganaAssociation Sacramento Telangana Assoc Telangana Development Forum Telangana NRI Association (TeNA) Alekhya...

Philadelphia Bathukamma 2014
Trisha Guduru is going to be guest of honor for the event. She is a great inspiration for younger generations, following is her profile: Miss South Asia International 2014 || Global Advocate for UNICEF || Director of Ghana School Project || Winner of President Obama's Voluntary Service award - 2014. Annitikee minchi, mana Telangana bidda (Warangal), mana rashtraanike antarjaateeyanga gurthimpu...

Cabin Fever
UNICEF and Summit Barbies. $25 each

Kelly Steik
But really, though....

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Actress and UN Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson has a message for the men of the world: “Gender equality is your issue too.” In a brilliant speech on Friday to the UN announcing the new He For She campaign, a solidarity movement for gender equality, Watson declared, “fighting for women’s rights has too often become synonymous with man-hating. If there is one thing I know for certain, it is...

Debra Harrow
I always thought she was the smart one: now she takes that role on the world stage of the UN:

She Rocks The Planet
#AMightyGirl Moment C/O #SheRocksThePlanetTV youtu.be/uGfwa8brxBk #SheilaEICON Learn something new every day.

Chrisophia Somerfeldt
Wise, simple, true words--and let's all start questioning the way 'whiteness' is set up, and stop accepting structural racism as 'just the way things are!'

Dreama's Journey
Peace Smiles ... <3 Dreama's Journey

Play & Learn
The Eyes of Children around the World © UNICEF Cambodia

Susan Mason

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Violence is so common that many don’t recognise it as abuse, and those affected may not report it. Find out the extent of the problem and how we begin to fix it in our groundbreaking new report: http://uni.cf/endviolence #ENDviolence Source: UNICEF #ENDviolence www.childvision.org.uk

Imran Abbas

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Who is IMRAN KHAN ? Master in Economics & Politics (Oxford University) Ph.D honoraly degree (Royal College Adembra) Only ODI World cup wining captain of Pakistan (The Legend of Cricket) The Founder: SKRC Hospital, Namal University, IK Foundation& PTI. Awards: Wisden Cricketer 1983 The Hilal e Imtiaz 1992 Pride of Performance 1993 Life time Achievement 2004 Jinnah Award 2008 Humanitarian Award...

James Kibaya

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Proper nutrition is a powerful good: children who are well nourished are more likely to be healthy, productive and able to learn. Malnutrition is, by the same logic, devastating. It blunts intellect, saps productivity, and perpetuates poverty for any family and society it touches. Sadly, 56 million children in sub-Saharan Africa are suffering from stunted growth, a form of malnutrition that has...
UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake, President of the Global Health Program of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Dr. Tachi Yamada, Assistant Regional Director for WHO Africa and Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, made a joint visit to Angola recently to support polio eradication efforts in the country.

Liliana Alvarez
<3 Isabel Muñoz, Spanish photographer, toured the five continents and with support from UNICEF, approached the life of children in countries with serious economic and social problems.


Isabel Muñoz, fotógrafa española, recorrió los cinco continentes y con apoyo de UNICEF, se acercó a la vida de niñas y niños en países con graves problemas económicos y sociales. Los 20 retratos se muestran en el Centro Cultural de España en México. Lee más en: http://cuartoscuro.com.mx/?p=30846

a verynice design studio
A quick recap of yesterday's launch of #Ureport and our two talented #veryniceNY designers behind the U-report design at UNICEF. Check out the live data feed and find out what youth are saying about the issues that matter to them here: http://ureport.in

Iyad Said

Where is UNICEF ! Eight years old Palestinian child been abused and arrested by Israeli soldiers....Hebron, 6.9.2014

Srinivas Reddy Pulyala

Feb 26, 2011 1:40pm

This promo has won UNICEF award.My daughter Challa Vishwani Kiran's voice and scripted, Directed by Me. Leave Ur comments and convey ur blessings to my little kid.

Sky Walker

50 cent feeds the Hungry... #WorldFoodProgram

Aww!!! This is so nice of 50 Cent... God bless you, Fiddy #FoodForLife #WorldFoodProgram #UNICEF #50Cent

IMaaki Muziq
TheY Dont Highlight This SiDe... NeGativitY SpreaD | Positive Attracts

Youssef Abdul Aziz

UNICEF implementing partners sing to encourage kids to wash their hands. Lets get ready for Global Handwashing Day! Share this video with your children.

Harald Pietschmann
"That's how a superhero learns to fly Every day, every hour Turn the pain into power."

I am amazed by the resilience and strength of the Mexican people and the Baja residents. From Cabo to Loreto to Bahia de Los Angeles to La Paz, I witnessed communities coming together and people helping one another out. I have teamed up with Nike, a sponsor, and 17 hours after I called them we had thousands of pairs of shoes. I personally passed out 300-400 pairs of shoes with other means of aid...

Henry Figueroa
Very good...?

Prashant Kumar

Education Opens the Doors ...

Education Opens the Door..... Kindly support us to open the door ....Your waste newspapers /small contribution can help to bridge this huge educational gap to know more read full post .. - 50% of Indian children aged 6-18 years do not attend school. - 53% of girls in the age group of 5 to 9 years are illiterate. - 25 million of orphaned children lie behind India’s booming success. - Over 60...

Lamunu Paska
C4D- Unicef. making the world a global village.

We’re happy to launch RapidPro, an SMS-based platform that uses mobile technologies to allow real-time information exchanges and data collection. Find out how it’s improving lives around the world: http://uni.cf/1siDiE7 #2030NOW

Jobs in Nigeria

Career Vacancy for a Graduate WASH Officer at UNICEF Nigeria September 2014
Career Vacancy for a Graduate WASH Officer at UNICEF Nigeria September 2014 UNICEF Nigeria seeks the services of experienced WASH professional NOA to be based in the UNICEF northern Field Offices. WASH Officer (NOA) will be accountable for professional technical contribution to programme/project

Louise Currie

The Power of Advocacy

In 2000, the leaders of the world promised to get all children in the world into school by 2015. But today, 58 million children are still missing out on the ...

EAAWC - End Abuse Against Women and Children
#ChildAbuse in the #World: Shocking #UNICEF #Report #Published — One in 10 girls worldwide have been forced into a sexual act, and six in 10 children ages 2 to 14 are regularly beaten by parents and caregivers, according to a report issued by the United Nations’ children’s agency, Unicef. The report, drawing on data from 190 countries, paints a picture of endemic physical and emotional...

Unicef Report Details Endemic Violence Against Children
One in 10 girls worldwide have been forced into a sexual act, and six in 10 children ages 2 to 14 are regularly beaten by caregivers, according to Unicef.

UNICEF's Next Generation
Empowering Liberians to fight #Ebola. Check out this video from @UNICEF_Liberia #Climate2014 http://ow.ly/BP3Q5

UNICEF Liberia provides clean water to Ebola-affected slum in Monrovia

In early September 2014, UNICEF delivered five-5,000 liter water tanks to West Point - a slum in Monrovia, Liberia, that has been hard-hit by the...

True or false: Mothers who breastfeed their children within one hour of birth reduce the risk of neonatal death by 44% You can find the answer to this and much more in the recently released UNICEF report Committing to Child Survival: A Promise Renewed Progress Report 2014 http://www.unicef.org/publications/index_75736.html

Committing to Child Survival: A Promise Renewed – Progress Report 2014 | UNICEF Publications |...
A new platform featuring activities, events and processes that UNICEF uses to promote sport and the right of play, together with a spirit of collaboration, teamwork and energy.

UGO Uganda
WHO: 20,000 People Could Be Infected With #Ebola Virus By November 2014 http://ow.ly/BNVtv @UNICEF @WHO @UN #EbolaVirus #WestAfrica

WHO: 20,000 People Could Be Infected With Ebola Virus By November 2014 -...
A new report by the World Health Organization warns that more than 20,000 people could be infected with the Ebola virus by November 2014.

Africa News Press

South Sudan: Thousands of Children At Risk of Starvation in South Sudan, Unicef Warns
Thousands of children under the age of five are at risk of dying from malnutrition in South Sudan and 1.5 million people will be in crisis and emergency food insecurity levels from September through December, warned the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) today.

Europe base niger delta peoples union

Combating stunting in Africa - UNICEF & EU Africa Nutrition Security Partnership (ANSP)

The Africa Nutrition Security Partnership (ANSP), being implemented by UNICEF and funded by the European Union since 2011, is combating stunting both at the ...

Princess Mariam Chiyeaka

Career Vacancy for a Graduate WASH Officer at UNICEF Nigeria September 2014
Career Vacancy for a Graduate WASH Officer at UNICEF Nigeria September 2014 UNICEF Nigeria seeks the services of experienced WASH professional NOA to be based in the UNICEF northern Field Offices. WASH Officer (NOA) will be accountable for professional technical contribution to programme/project

Itamar Franklin

Comparando o Brasil de 2002 ao de 2013… segundo a OMS, a ONU, o Banco Mundial, o IBGE, o Unicef...
Comparando o Brasil de 2002 ao de 2013… segundo a OMS, a ONU, o Banco Mundial, o IBGE, o Unicef etc… Publicado em 15/09/2014 por Hildegard Angel Leiam e tirem as suas próprias conclusões…. 1. Produto Interno Bruto: 2002 – R$ 1,48 trilhões 2013 – R$ 4,84 trilhões 2. PIB per capita: 2002 – R$ 7,6 mi…

U-report Nigeria
Small messages big changes , UNICEF launches RapidPro !

Small messages, big changes: UNICEF launches RapidPro
Today, UNICEF’s global innovation team is launching RapidPro: An open-source app store for international development. The article below explains why we’re pulling together award winning application...

Aston Women in Business
Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra on building India's future - she speaks about a new programme from UNICEF that is teaching business skills and transforming the futures of individual women. Inspiring story and a great read.

Priyanka Chopra on building India’s future
Bollywood actress, Priyanka Chopra tells Red why UNICEF's business skills programme will help end sexual violence against women, as well as her own experiences of discrimination.

Carmen Dahan
God bless Unicef

Foto del diario
Een dikke like voor dit prachtige nieuwe begin in Gaza! Drielingzusjes Marah, Raaf en Mariam zagen bijna twee maanden te vroeg het levenslicht. Gelukkig kunnen zij aansterken in het door UNICEF gesteunde ziekenhuis. Want ieder kind verdient een gezonde start!

Newcastle UNICEF On Campus
After an incredibly successful fresher's fair, UNICEF on Campus Newcastle is officially ready for the year. Thanks to everyone who signed up! Our first event will be kicking off soon. Watch this space for updates!


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